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♥ Tuesday, October 30, 2007♥

Hi faithful supporters of Teresa!

A very inquisitive faithful supporter of Teresa found out for himself some of the upcoming events of Teresa so I suppose there is no way to keep some of these events unannounced. So here it goes:

1) Teresa will be scheduled to appear on national television very soon
2) Teresa will be scheduled to appear on the SPoP Competition in early November.
3) Teresa has been invited by Chen Weilian to sing on the SPoP Competition.
4) Teresa will be performing a new song on the S... C..........
5) Teresa will be performing a duet with Chen Weilian during the SPoP Competition singing 《你最珍贵》.
6) Teresa will be a..... in one or two e....... of a t......... d.... in early J......

Well, all the faithful supporters of Teresa can finally rejoice because Teresa will be singing songs on national television once again and this time, with PSS 1 Overall Champion Chen Weilian!

I can already see the waves of anticipation coming in because both of their voices are already very good. Imagine how they will sound together in one of the classic love ballads of Jacky Cheung, 你最珍贵!

For those who have not heard this song before, you can go ahead to my blog at http://heaven-earth-human.blogspot.com/ and click on song number 37 for the original rendition first.

There is still more though, with two more events still unannounced, meaning more good things to come along for Teresa and her supporters out there! In the meantime, stay tuned to SPoP competition if you can to catch what is possibly the most beautiful duet of the year! Woohoo~~

(Image source: a faithful supporter of both Teresa and Weilian onsite at MediaCopr Studio on 30 October 2007)

Thank you for all your support, with love, Teresa Tseng

♥ Friday, October 26, 2007♥

Channel U website has officially released news of the album and even two group shots with Teresa and three other CSS 1 Superstars such as Renfred, Geraldine and Alejandro as well.
In the Christmas album, Teresa will be singing a group song as follows
组曲:Medley: Deck The Hall + Feliz Navidad By 曾咏霖、黄业伦、史心莹、侯卓荣
and according to Thomas, here are some more exciting news about Teresa coming right up but I am given the gag order again! -_________-
anyway, I managed to get permission from Teresa's family to write about the following exciting events in another secret way. Decipher it yourself. Remember, I didn't say anything ah!
Here it goes...scream if you can decipher them all! It's good news all the way!
1) Teresa will be scheduled to appear on n....... t......... very soon
2) Teresa will be scheduled to appear on the S... C.......... in early N.......
3) Teresa has been invited by C... W...... to sing on the S... C..........
4) Teresa will be performing a new song on the S... C..........
Sean Ho (updating on behalf of Admin)

Thank you for all your support, with love, Teresa Tseng

♥ Friday, October 19, 2007♥

Dear All,

Thank you for your kind wishes today, is the day that I'm born. I would like to thank my mum for bringing me into this world.

Next, I would also like to show appreciation to all those precious gifts that were being sent to me by Michelle. John, thank you very much for your kind thoughts. Michelle, many thanks for bringing all these precious gifts to me, it was really sweet of you, and also thank you very much for your present as well. To the rest of the gifts which I had received from Michelle, there were no names left behind. I really appreciate all your kind thoughts.

The exams had finally ended. I will be leaving Singapore for a short while. Thereafter, Mediacorp had some activities line up for me. Till date, I am still not sure of the activities mentioned. I will update or Thomas will update you guys. So, stay tuned.

As for myself, I will continue to work hard and horn my singing skills. Should there be a chance to present my vocal to everyone out there, I will give my best. Am really looking forward to such a day if there is.

Finally, I would like to wish each and everyone of you all a bright and successful days to come in your lives.

With Love
Teresa Tseng

(extracted from fanclub forum at http://idollic.com/teresa from thread "Happy 17th Birthday To Teresa!" at 05:15:06 PM )

Thank you for all your support, with love, Teresa Tseng

♥ Thursday, October 18, 2007♥

Teresa's Remixed Song in 881 Dance Tracks Album:

I believe we have another reason to be proud of Teresa (her photo is at the bottom centre of the album cover, right alongside her favourite singers, Zhang Hui Mei and F.I.R) because she has yet again manages to surprise everyone with her song paricipation in the latest movie dancetrack album of the famous local movie 881. Teresa's song inside the album is the last song known as 爱昧 (funky remix version) and although she has only one song in the album, it already speaks volumes of how her singing is appreciated by even movie and album producers.

Way to go, Teresa! A Campus Superstar who continues to shine again and again and again! Stay tuned to her because we can be expecting more good things coming from this girl!

Thank you for all your support, with love, Teresa Tseng

♥ Wednesday, October 17, 2007♥

Good evening faithful supporters of our Teresa Tseng,

I should say that all of us must be surprise that our Teresa had won 3rd and 1st position for CHIJ Katong Convent composition writing. Basically it's a competition for all Secondary 2 and 3.

3rd position goes to Teresa Tseng Yung Lin from secondary 201 which is 2006

Let us read her work!

Position Title: Name(Chinese and Eng) Class: Stream 第三名 第一次做慈善
曾詠霖 Teresa Tseng Yung Lin SEC 201 普通学术
早上一起身,我就开始忙得不可开交,直到傍晚才休息。其实,这是我第一次做慈善事业。  前几天,我阿姨的正在读大学的女儿——凯妮姐姐的学校有一个计划,就是以卖豆腐赚钱,然后把这笔钱全部捐给慈善机构。而这位姐姐就决定拿下这个计划,开始实施。这个计划还有规则,那就是学校不会资助,即要自己掏腰包解决。姐姐就是因为很有爱心,心里一直很想要有机会帮助贫苦的人,才接下这个计划的。我的阿姨把这件事跟我说了,我听了被深深地感动了,同时心里也有一股莫名的悸动,突然觉得好想帮姐姐。于是我向阿姨和姐姐要求,是否我可以帮助她们卖豆腐赚钱捐钱,她们允许了。妈妈听说了我要去帮忙之后,她高兴得说不出话来。到了那天,妈妈同我一起去姐姐的摊位卖豆腐,从早到晚忙到连吃饭的时间都忘了。  到了傍晚,终于把豆腐卖完了,我们那辛苦的叫卖终于有个结果了。凯妮姐姐高兴得情不自禁地流下眼泪。我非常感动,也感到十分欣慰。妈妈和阿姨看了都觉得非常喜悦,不知该如何开口祝贺。第二天,姐姐把这笔钱拿到慈善机构,捐给那些贫苦的人。姐姐的脸马上浮现出灿烂的笑容,她非常激动、兴奋,她的梦想终于实现了。  这是我第一次做慈善,在这第一次的经验中,我学习到其实帮助贫苦的人是多么的快乐,也学习到凯妮姐姐那种做好事不求回报的精神。我非常希望将来我能成为像凯妮姐姐一样那么伟大又有爱心的人。
I should comment that ( Great Job ) =D
1st position goes to Teresa Tseng Yung Lin from Secondary 302 in THIS YEAR
Let us read her work!
Position: Title: Name:(Chinese & Eng) Class: Stream:
第一名 尴尬往事 曾詠霖 Tseng Yung Lin SEC 302 普通学术
“哇!太好了!今天这个特别的日子终于到了!好兴奋啊!”早晨一起床,看到美丽灿烂的阳光,我真是恨不得立刻就到傍晚。  其实,今天晚上是我们班一年一度举办的化妆舞会。班上所有人都迫不及待,都想快点到舞会的时间,欢快的心情,就像树枝间吹拂的清风,一整天,我们每个人都开心地准备晚上要穿的衣服、化妆品、首饰等,忙得不可开交。每个人都心花怒放。我呢?当然也是又高兴又紧张。时间总算一分一秒地捱过去了,再过半个小时舞会就要开始了。所有的人都已准时来到了目的地,等时间一到,我们大家就可以开始狂欢了。  “五、四、三、二、一!舞会正式开始!” 大会司仪高声倒数着。时间终于到了,音乐开始响起了,每个人都开始疯狂地跳起舞来,有的还跟着音乐唱起歌来呢。我好紧张,怕自己衣服没有其他人的好看、亮丽。但谁知道,当我一踏进礼堂,所有的目光都盯着我,注视着我,那眼神中有羡慕、有渴望、有惊奇、有赞叹……每个人一看见我就好像整颗心都溶化了。我好高兴,好开心啊,整个人就像飘在云朵之上。  突然,有个人大声喊着。“哇!大家来看!她的后背!她后面的拉链没有拉!”乍一听到时,我吓了一大跳。我慌乱紧张的样子大家看得一清二楚。我立刻冲进厕所,把拉链拉好,但我已根本没有脸出去见任何人,似乎感觉到外面都是嘲笑声,我忍不住哭了出来。我一个人就这样静静地躲在厕所里,把门锁上,不让人进来。只要一听到笑声,就会让我想起刚才发生的事。这是我有生以来最丢脸最尴尬的事了。我忽然间觉得好后悔来参加这个舞会,早知道会这样的话,我就不来参加了。我居然变成了笑柄让大家嘲笑!心里好难过,好寂寞。没有人来关心我,我也不想让人来关心我,也不敢出去。盼了一年准备了几个月的舞会就这么被我度日如年的捱过去了。  舞会的时间已快结束。听了一整晚的嬉闹声,每个人都玩得很开心,而我却一直待在厕所里度过这漫长的舞会。结束的时间到了,每个人都玩累了,一个个回家休息。等到完全没人了我才从里面走出来,走下空荡荡的楼梯,一个人孤单单地回家。  纷纭往事如烟飘散,只有这一件事,却深深种植在我心中一般,我永远都忘不了。它将时时提醒我做事要细心,认真,这样才可以站在快乐的峰颠。
Teacher's Comment: 张桂花老师点评:文章写得曲折有致,跌宕生姿。  开篇蓄势很足,作者用大量笔墨来写自己对化妆舞会焦急的等待与渴盼,以及进了会场之后的陶醉“所有的目光都盯着我,注视着我,那眼神中有羡慕、有渴望、有惊奇、有赞叹……每个人一看见我就好像整颗心都溶化了。我好高兴,好开心啊,整个人就像飘在云朵之上。” 紧接着故事急转而下,“哇!大家来看! 她的后背!她后面的拉链没有拉!”前面的兴奋和飘飘然为下文自己的颓丧懊恼做了很好地铺垫映衬。  对比手法也很好的起到很好的表达效果,比如开始时的快乐与后来的沮丧对比,大家的欢乐与自己悲伤的对比等等。
I should comment that, that's a really fantastic work. She had improve a lot!
Hope you'll would enjoy =)

Thank you for all your support, with love, Teresa Tseng

♥ Monday, October 15, 2007♥

Hi faithful supporters of Teresa!

I have found out from an anonymous faithful supporter of Teresa that Teresa's song was amongst the results of Most Popular Female Singer 最受欢迎女歌手 category. Hurray~~~~~ Although Teresa is ranked at position 31 with the following song:

31. 曾咏霖
1.5代表作: 说不出的浪漫 [1.5]

I believe this is actually a GREAT piece of news for all faithful supporters of Teresa because our dear Teresa is ranked amongst the titan level singers of Mandarin contemporary music in the region!!Although there is no official word if Teresa is going to be officially nominated in the upcoming Star Awards, I would like faithful supporters of Teresa to help in the following things:

1) Publish this news in your personal blogs.

2) Find out as much as you can on your ends about how the Star Awards nominations are going on and update the other faithful supporters of Teresa about it!Go on! And spread the great piece of news that Teresa made it to the list at the Star Awards!

Information Source: http://forum.g-music.com.tw/Default.aspx?g=posts&t=6033



Thank you for all your support, with love, Teresa Tseng

♥ Tuesday, October 9, 2007♥

Welcome to a blog that is created by the friendster Adminstrator of TERESATSENGFC. We wish that everyone will do their best part by supporting Teresa and doing your best in your examination. Well, this blog is something that you can get the latest news of Teresa. Her post and her event. Of course, you guys out there will have a chance to leave a greeting for our Teresa. All friends and fans whom supported out there is welcome.

Of course we do have some RULES in this blog like how we did to TERESATSENGFC.

  • No Imposting of people. ( eg. A Celebrity )
  • No Spamming inside the tagboard. Any spam messages that is too awful, we will delete the message and immediately BAN YOUR IP and we will not allow you to enter anymore.
  • If.. we found out any trouble makers here, we will immediately STOP this blog from going on.


  1. Keep yourself a regular online to catch parties info about Teresa.
  2. Post any encouragment/greeting for Teresa in the Tagboard.
  3. Staying as " ONE FAMILY " in our blog.

We hope everyone can understand what we are trying to do over here. If you do have any question, leave a tag inside the tagboard and I will answer you as ASAP! =)

Once again, thanks for promoting TERESATSENGFC - inside Friendster as well as promoting this FAN CLUB BLOG =)

For more info about Teresa, please log on to http://www.idollic.com/teresa

With all my loves,

Adminstrator ^.^

Thank you for all your support, with love, Teresa Tseng